Accidental loss of sensitive information is increasingly common, whether due to theft, hardware misplacement, viruses, or backup issues. Having information on a single device is now insufficient, as the greater the mobility of our data, the higher the productivity and effectiveness in our professional and personal tasks.

The virtual cloud is the essential tool to address these issues. With an internet connection, guaranteed access to files from any device, anytime, anywhere is possible. Storage begins with backup, meaning all data from computers, phones, or tablets can be stored in the cloud with high security to prevent third-party intrusion, ensuring peace of mind.

While most virtual cloud services emphasize information storage and safeguarding, is that all the cloud can do? Is file mobility the only advantage? For Net4Cloud, it’s not enough. We understand the need to access and work with information, allowing clients to easily view, download, and even modify files from their smartphones, tablets, or computers.

Net4Cloud’s cloud not only ensures files are safeguarded with military-grade security but also allows data adjustments without requiring an installed Office package. Our services stand out for:

Backup: Automatically back up your Windows or MAC computers to the cloud. You can access your information from the web portal or a mobile device.

Portfolio: Net4Cloud installs an additional unit on your Windows or MAC, linking cloud files. Users can decide whether to have a copy on their computer or store it only in the cloud. This area also enables folder sharing with other users.

WebSharing: Another section within Net4Cloud’s cloud displays files shared by other users.

Technology is an indispensable tool to enhance productivity and effectiveness in both work and personal life. Try Net4Cloud’s cloud free for 30 days and let us know your thoughts on having total control over the security, protection, and mobility of your files.