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Corporate Email

For VIP companies, with priority and specialized assistance.

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What does the Net4Email service include?

Corporate Email, allows you to edit and delete once it has reached the final recipient.

More Storage

100 GB of space for each Net4Email mailbox.

Automatic file copying

1,000 GB of Net4Cloud private space per domain.

Your logo and colors

Customize your colors, logo and URL for Net4Email and Net4Cloud.


Email backup

Full Instant backup of emails.

Dedicated resources

You will have 1 dedicated IP per domain to improve reputation and delivery of emails.

SSL Security certificate

Encrypts and protects emails as they travel over the Internet.


IP protection

Algorithm that automatically replaces the local IPs of your devices in emails for your security and also prevents them from being blocked by blacklists.



Synchronize your emails, calendars, tasks, and notes across all your devices.


Syncs seamlessly with mobile phones, tablets, Outlook, among others.


Video calls

You can make private video calls with your collaborators without downloading or installing additional software; you can even record your calls in the cloud.


Collaborative Environment

Collaboration tools for work teams such as Kanban boards, shared folders and files, and direct editing of Office files in the cloud.


Receive automatic notifications when an email is read or clicked, obtaining geolocation data.



Real-time communication from the webmail with your work team.


Explore over 50 types of detailed reports for corporate email.


99.9% guaranteed uptime with a contract, automatically monitored, and weekly reporting.

Custom Rules

Create filters and automatic rules according to your needs.


Automatic and hidden custom rules that will give you total control over the emails processed in your company.


File Sharing

Included 1TB cloud space for storing and sharing large files.

Custom firewall

Protection with custom rules by country, by IP, among others, to access Net4Cloud and Net4Email.


AntiVirus & AntiSPAM

Over 99% protection for your mailboxes from viruses and malware. With daily automatic reports of filtered emails and custom rules.

WhatsApp Notifications

Receive alerts on your WhatsApp for important emails, calendar events, tasks, among others.



We train your team in all tools, at no cost, and with certification.

Global access

Access your email from anywhere in the world at any time.

costo predecible

Predictable Cost

Fixed monthly cost, no surprises, predictable.

Comodo Antivirus


Did you forget to attach the file?

With Net4Email, you can edit, delete, or add attachments even after the email has been sent.




If your domain or IP appears on a public blacklist, we will assist in requesting removal from the list.

Once a month



We will perform the migration of all emails in all your accounts, with rules and configurations at no additional cost.


Daily report

Automatic email report with Net4Email tracking statistics from the previous day.



Microsoft Office Licenses

The service includes 1 license of Office Pro Plus 2021 for each active user.


Soporte VIP


When there’s an issue, we know you want it resolved immediately.

96% of support cases are resolved within the first hour of your request.


Enterprise grade collaborative features


Access to a global address list or a personal list of businesses, executives and more; contacts can be shared or exported in the most popular formats, including vCard and VCF.


Keep track of everything from shopping lists to long-term tasks. Create position lists, set due dates, update status and degree of completion, and even prioritize tasks.


Crea múltiples calendarios, gestione mejor las salas de conferencias, mostrar las fechas de las tareas y especifique las horas de trabajo.


Electronic sticky notes are a great place to jot down questions, ideas, reminders, or anything else the user needs to have at their fingertips.

Net4Email plan


US$ 100 / monthly
  • 10 Mailboxes with Net4Email
  • AntiSpam and Antivirus Protection
  • 100 GB per mailbox
  • 10 Computers protected with Comodo Antivirus
  • 1024 GB in Net4Cloud
  • 10 Office 2021 Pro Plus licenses
  • SLA Warranty 99.9%
  • Daily email backup
  • Dedicated IP
  • SSL Security certificate for Net4Email mail
  • Create, open and edit Office documents in the Net4Cloud
  • Logo customization in Net4Cloud portal and Net4Email
  • Collaborative Features
  • VIP Priority Support via WhatsApp

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