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VIP support for businesses seeking personalized attention.

Immediate solution

We resolve 96% of support cases within the first hour and 99% within the first 4 hours.


Specialized attention with an MIT expert

Guidance throughout the process

a free call

Explain your case or schedule a Net4Email demo at no cost.

Emails sent monthly
code lines
Coffee cups
Skillfully developed

Corporate Email with unique functionalities

Time machine

Edit an email, add attachments, or delete the email, even after it has been sent to the recipient.

Tracking of your emails

Get the geolocation of where your emails were opened without needing to request read receipts.


Integrate WhatsApp with your email to send and receive alerts.

Antivirus Protection

We include double Antivirus Protection; the first one analyzes all incoming emails, blocking threats, and the second one runs on each computer, scanning downloaded files.

Anti-SPAM Protection

We include a nearly 100% effective Anti-SPAM shield.

Office 2021 licenses

We include Office Pro Plus 2021 license and eM Client license for each contracted corporate email mailbox.

Who do we serve?

who are growing and want to leap ahead of the competition.
who wish to have unique functionalities.
Business Owners
who seek personalized assitance with specialized guidance.
with 10 or more employees.
Those who value their time
and don't want to waste hours waiting for a ticket response.
who want a Key Account Manager to help them in a personalized and immediate manner.
who seek something different from what everyone else is using.
Those wanting to leave a mark
who are growing their brand and want to see their logo on applications.
Goal-oriented people
who they are in control of their lives and wish to have control over their company and communications.
Successful people
seeking to join the best.
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What does VIP service mean?

Key Account Manager
Each client has a Key Account Manager ready to help and solve any issues that may arise.
Priority Service
Your Key Account Manager will assist you immediately via Whatsapp, no wait time.
Personalized Attention
By knowing your account in depth, your Key Account Manager can offer you tailored solutions.
Specialized Care
Your Key Account Manager is able to respond to Support levels 1, 2 and 3 without having to escalate the case to another specialist.
Your Key Account Manager will be responsible for gathering any new needs you may have in order to improve solutions.
Because we understand your services are vital, if you're ever unable to filfill a payment, your Key Account Manager will help make sure you keep getting uninterrupted service for a commensurate amount of time.
While you'll have Control Panels allowing the self-management of services, you can always tell us what you need and we will do it for you.
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How do our clients feel about us?

Your staff is always attentive and ready to solve.
Magaly A
Driven by a service-oriented approach to ensure customer satisfaction by tailoring solutions to meet business needs.
Luis P

Your company is in good hands

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