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Solutions For VIP companies with personalized, prioritized and specialized attention.

All-inclusive for the success of businesses on the internet.


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Threats protected daily


Emails delivered monthly


Support cases resolved within the first hour

Website - Corporate Email - Productivity - Security

Management of your website and positioning it at the top of search engines.

Corporate Email with unique features you won't find with any other provider.

It's a collaborative environment to enhance the productivity of your team.

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Centralized communication for WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and website chat.

Protection for your website, CDN, and antivirus for your devices.


Software for scheduling social media posts.

Automated reports with indicators on visits, search engine ranking, and achieved goals.

Whom do we serve?

They are growing and want to leap ahead of the competition.
They desire to have unique functionalities.
Business Owners
They seek direct attention with specialized guidance.
With 10 or more employees.
They value their time.
And they don't want to wait for hours for a ticket response.
They desire a Key Account Manager to attend to them in a personalized and immediate manner.
Who seek something different from what everyone else is using.
To those who leave a mark.
They are growing their brand and want to see their logo on applications.
They are in control of their lives and desire to have control over their company and communications.
To the successful ones
Who seek to ally with the best.
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What is VIP service?

Key Account Manager
Each client has a Key Account Manager who will attend to and resolve any issues that may arise.
Priority Attention
Your Key Account Manager will attend to you immediately without waiting, and via WhatsApp.
Personalized Attention
By deeply understanding your account, your Key Account Manager can offer tailored solutions.
Specialized Attention
Your Key Account Manager is capable of handling Support Levels 1, 2, and 3 without having to escalate the case to another specialist.
Your Key Account Manager will be responsible for gathering new requirements to enhance the solutions.
We understand that your services are crucial, and if a payment cannot be made promptly, your Key Account Manager will assist you in ensuring uninterrupted service for a suitable period.
Even though you have Control Panels for self-management of services, you can let us know what you need, and we will take care of it for you.
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Some of our clients

Your company is in good hands.

Why choose Netquatro?

Responsive and always ready-to-help staff.

Magaly A

Renta a Motor

They do an excellent job, both in customer service and the quality of all the services they provide.

Diego T

AllStar Service Corp.

Due to their service-oriented approach, ensuring customer satisfaction with solutions tailored to the needs of the business.

Luis P


For the reliability of their services.

Miguel H


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