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Intelligent Email Marketing

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We will explain how to take full advantage of all our features.


It is a good practice because it improves emotional bonds with your customers.

Intelligent email delivery

With our technology, you’ll know if someone opened your email or clicked on your campaign links, thus, improving the impact of your messages.


Professionally designed and adaptable to different mobile devices.

Scheduled delivery

You can assign a date and time to deliver your campaigns.

Create segments

This feature allows you to filter subscribers from a list based on several criteria, and then, send a subsequent campaign.


Knowing your email delivery performance is vital. You can rely on detailed reports for effective decision making.


You can set schedules and templates in the automation tool.


Technical support and advice in Spanish.

Practical tool

Easy to use and with professional presentation.

How to create an Email marketing campaign?

Step 1

Defining the contact list greatly conditions the result of your campaign.

Step 2

Design a professional-looking template that fits any mobile device.

Step 3

Schedule delivery: define a date and assign a specific time to send your campaigns.

Step 4

Once the previous steps have been verified, you can start sending email marketing campaigns, which give you a chance to increase sales and get replies from your users.

Why is my email marketing campaign not getting good results?

Avoid entering the spam list.

Not having the segment defined

Send the right content to the right contact by segmenting your list based on demographics, preferences, and behaviors.

Failing to use the statistics

Analyzing the data will help you get the most out of your campaigns; for example, the opening rate is an important indicator to assess the interest of subscribers and identify the impact of your message.

Not scheduling the day and time

It is common to not define the right day and time. Thinking about your subscribers will help you increase your message opening rate.

Inappropriate content

Sending messages that are not relevant to subscribers, such as offers, news, trends, events… What do subscribers want to know about you?

The subject is too long

The ideal length of a subject is between 10 and 50 characters, (30 max. for mobile devices).

Unattractive templates

Presentation is critical, as it affects both the content and deliverability of your campaigns. Make sure it looks good on all devices.

Failing to personalize your message

Creating campaigns that are not aimed at the user or failing to include the name of the person you want to impact.

Failure to include calls to action

There’s an absence of elements allowing your users to interact with your content. These will help you achieve your goals. Example: If you want them to register for a contest, direct them to a registration form or a link to get more information.

Not using the right platform

Choosing a platform with a dubious reputation that does not certify mass emailing.

Failure to comply with anti-spam regulations

This causes messages to go straight to the spam folder.

Subscriber distrust

Failing to include notifications in your campaigns telling users the actions taken in the list.

Failure to include a link

The link should clearly indicate that the user can cancel the subscription.

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